Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Jillian Hall

(*knock at the door*)

Mike’s Daughter: Coming! (*opens door but sees no one there*) Hello? Is anyone there? (*looks down and sees a CD shaped package*) What’s this? (*picks it up*)

Mike Check: Who was it there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: I don’t know? But it definitely wasn’t The Honky Tonk Mailman because this package was actually sent “this year”. But perhaps we have received an early Christmas present…oh no! Those dweebs over at wrestlecrapradio.com haven’t sent another Ninja turtle CD? They couldn’t have possibly have found another damn copy!?

Mike Check: Weell, why don’t you open it and find out there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: (*looks at stamp on package*) Well it’s not from them because it’s been sent from Punjab, India, so…oh no…(*opens package and sees a written letter*) Oh, there’s a letter in here written in a foreign language. This couldn’t be from…?

Mike Check: Why don’t you use that computer thingamabob of yours to translate it?

Mike’s Daughter: Okay…so it translates to: “Hello Mr. Mike Check, this is The Great Khali. I’m sending this CD all the way from my home in India for you to play”—

Mike Check: Oh, yes that Great Collar did warn us by email that he was going to send us a CD to play for “Christmas Carousal”. So what is it?

Mike’s Daughter: He says that it’s ‘by an old friend that he used to work in WWE with’…

Mike Check: Is it a song by that Taj Mahal feller?

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Please stop it because he might be listening. And his name is Jinder Mahal by the way…Anyway it’s not him; Khali, not “Collar”, says that it contains Christmas songs sung by…Oh God no!

Mike Check: Who is it?

Mike’s Daughter (pulls out the CD from the wrapping*):

“Jillian Hall”?! Dad, Khali has sent “Jingle with Jillian” for us to play!? No. No. NO! And I thought that the Ninja Turtle CD from last year was torture!

Mike Check: What else does it say?

Mike’s Daughter Ah? “You must play this as a lesson in teaching you tolerance and respect. So ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’. From, The Great Khali”…God! Is he trying to teach you a lesson or me?!

Mike Check: Weell it can’t be that bad there darlin’? Just put it in and play it.

Mike’s Daughter (*had her ears covers while the song played and now uncovers them): Is it finished? So what did you think?

Mike Check: That was…Fascinating.


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