The Werewolf Watusi / Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett

Mike Check: And that was “The Werewolf Watusi” on…THE MACKER!

Mike’s Daughter: God! I don’t know what’s worse?! The Fact that STAN almost brought the both of us to hell…again, or the fact that you have to play this damn song every frickin ye…(*Mike’s Daughter is interrupted as they hear a lightning sound and a Delorean speed up to Mike’s driveway*)…Is that Doc Brown?! (*Mike’s Daughter goes to open the front door*)

Doc Brown (*comes rushing to Mike’s front door*): Mike! I must warn you about your future! Something’s got to be done about the Martians!

Mike’s Daughter: Doc, actually you’re too late. But there’s nothing to worry about because they were here in fact just yesterday and they took STAN and his little brat Damien prisoner for 1000 years.

Doc Brown: Yes! But how do you explain the fact that in the year 2018 the Martians will invade the Earth and enslave all of human existence?!

Mike’s Daughter: Oh no! The Martian told us that he was coming back for my dad in about five months, but I didn’t think…?

Doc Brown: And that’s not all?! I stole a copy of this future Martian newspaper where here it says on the front page that they have declared STAN: The Evil Troll Lord their new Martian God?! Look! (*shows Mike and his daughter the newspaper which reads “STAN IS THE NEW GOD OF MARS”*)

Mike Check: Why those double-crossin’ green…! But how does this happen there feller?

Doc Brown: Look. I cannot reveal anymore about your destiny. However, Mike, I must urge you not to make any physical contact with any female Martians!

Mike Check: Female martians?! Yuck! Look there feller, I understand that ole Mike has weak knees when it comes too all the pretty fillies, but even I have my limits when it come to green pus–

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Please don’t say anymore! (*to Doc*) But what has that have anything to with…? Any why does dad…? I don’t wanna know?! But I do want to know how STAN does this when he’s locked in the the phantom Zone anyway?

Doc Brown: I told you, I cannot answer those questions, as too much knowledge about the future can be catastrophic…but wait! (*changes the subject*) What was the song that you played today?!

Mike’s Daughter: “The Werewolf Watusi”. My damn father plays it before every Halloween!

Doc Brown: No! That can’t be right?! Mike Check always plays the “Monster Mash” on this date?!

Mike Check: “Monster Mash”?! Ole Mike has played music any many…many…many…many markets and never even heard of…?

Doc Brown: GREAT SCOTT!! I knew that crashing the Delorean into Bobby Pickett’s garage in 1962 would lead to trouble?! I wish I never invented this infernal machine! I must go back to 1962 right now!

Mike’s Daughter: You’re going to the past?! But what about the future?!

Doc Brown: Your future hasn’t been written yet! So just remember what I told you and don’t do anything else differently until I work out how straighten all this mess! (*Doc goes back to the Dolerean and drives into the past*)

Mike’s Daughter: Wow! That’s heavy?!

Mike Check: I don’t know what the weight of his time machine car has anything to do with…?? Oh! I forgot. Did (*Back to the Future sound effect*) I play Monster Mash already there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: No. But you did play the wrong song, which for once I’m glad–

Mike Check: Whoops…weeeelll here’s “Monster Mash here on…THE MACKER!

Mike’s Daughter: Dammit!

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