Burn In Hell by Twisted Sister

Mike’s Daughter: STAN…Triple H…or whoever you are? Wait! Before you take us to hell, could you at least explain why you possessed Triple H’s body?

Triple H (*who is still possessed by STAN*): Well you see-ah, a few months ago, Triple H-ah needed some help preventing The Ratings Reaper from cancelling WWE 205 Live due to its low ratings-ah. I did this by persuading the Ratings Reaper to cease if he would lend Triple H his robe and staff-ah. You see-ah, The Ratings Reaper was unhappy that the Trolla Corporation was resurrecting C.S Irwin into a bionic crime fighter C.S Robocop-ah. Anyway, Triple H ambushed Robocop by dressing as The Ratings Reaper at a Detroit press conference and then smashed him with his sledgehammer-ah. But little did Triple H know is that I also had secretly swerved him by telling The Ratings Reaper to cancel WWE NXT instead-ah.

Mike’s Daughter: NXT, cancelled? But I never heard anything about…

STAN/Triple H: Oh yes, that’s because Triple H became desperate and did a deal with me to save his NXT brand-ah by promising to give Enzo Amore a title push on 205 Live so I would quickly reinstate NXT before the news got leaked on the Internet-ah. But what Mr. Levesque didn’t bargain for was that I then possessed his body-ah. And I was able to work my way back here by sending my son Damien here to terrorize you until I, posing as “The Game”, came here to supposedly “save the day-ah”. So now that I have returned, I have come to take you and your geriatric father back with me to hell-ah…but I was also thinking, while I’m in this body, that I will also fire all the ugly woman that Triple H hired for the Women’s division and the Mae Young classic, and forcing the few of the hot chicks that are left to join my “SUCK IT” club…if you know what I mean-ah?

Mike’s Daughter: Joining the “Suck It Club”? Sadly…yes I do know.

STAN: Huh?!

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there–

Mike’s Daughter: Never-mind–

Damien (*getting impatient*): Enough with the ‘Rated R’ talk! Father, when are we possessing these fools already?!

STAN: Patience son-ah. Mike Check and daughter will “Burn In Hell” soon enough-ah! bwhahahaha!


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