King Of Kings / Hellraiser by Motörhead

Damien: Mike Check, your time on this earth is short and I’m getting bored of toying with you! But soon, my father co–

(*Unknown voice from a distance*): Not so fast-ah!

Mike’s Daughter: Triple H?

Triple H: That’s right-ah! Behold, I am “The King of Kings” Triple H-ah and I’ve come here to Folsom to bury-ah Damian; the spawn of Stan-AH!

Damien *scared and on his knees*: Please don’t hurt me Triple H?! I’m just a poor little little boy. It was all my father’s fault!

Mike’s Daughter (*to Mike Check*): Wow. Why is Damien so scared of Triple H?

Mike Check: (*to his daughter*) I don’t understand anything that goes on around here darlin?

Triple H (*to Damien*): You’re damn right this is your father’s fault-ah! And you wanna know why?!

Damien: (*his frown turns into a grin*): Yes…father. (*bows and starts speaking in tongues*)

Mike’s Daughter: Father?! Wait what’s going on here?!

Triple H (*looks at Mike and his daughter and his eyes turn fiery red*): Were you expecting someone else-ah? Do you recognize me Mike-ah?

Mike Check: Yes feller. You’re Triple A? And you have a nasty case of Pink-eye, perhaps you should see a doctor about that?

Triple H: Really Mike? Pink eye-ah? My eyes are the color of the fires of hell-ah! But yes-ah, the body that I possess is that of WWE’s COO Triple H-ah but do you remember who I really am-ah?!

(*Mike Check pauses and scratches his head*)

Mike’s Daughter (*face-palms*): Dad! It’s STAN: The Evil Troll Lord! (*to the possessed Triple H*) And you asshole, you know full well that you’re not allowed to be here ever since you lost our song battle back in April!

Triple H/STAN: Have you ever known me to play by the rules-ah! Just like my possessed body would say: ‘I am The Game and I make the rules’!

Mike’s Daughter: I don’t think he actually ever said that? That was a line from his theme by Motorh–

Triple H/STAN (*interrupts*): Whatever?! That’s not important-ah! But what is important is that I’m here now to finish what I started and that’s to take your souls-ah! Isn’t that right Damian my son my son-ah?

Damian: (*gets up and stands next to STAN*) That’s right, father! Let’s raise Hell! Bwhahaha!

Mike’s Daughter (*gulps*): Oh crap!

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