Veil Of Fire by Jim Johnston / Race With The Devil by Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps

(*knock at the door*)

Mike Check (*opens front door*): Who are you there feller?

Iron Mark Tyson: Mike, don’t you remember me? This is Iron Mark Tyson and, ah, I was listening to your show, as I do everyday. And today I’m here to help you because I’m outlandishly depressed over the egregious tension that this Damien kid has caused you.

Mike Check: Well that’s swell there feller–

Damien: Silence Mike! (*to Mark Tyson*) So what are you going to do? “Punch Out” a little kid in public?

Iron Mark Tyson: No. That’s ludicrous! I’m not sure about the rumors that you’ve heard about me but I’m not a violent person. But I have brought an army of my trained pigeons to attack you (*Throws bird seed at Damien and then summons a flock of his pigeons with a whistle*) Attack!

(*The pigeons swarm toward Damien…but they immediately fly away*)

Iron Mark Tyson: Heyy?! Come Back!

Damien: Really? Pigeons? You wanted to attack me with pigeons? They’re the most cowardly species of bird out there? At least Sting had that ugly bird that scared Eric Bischoff that time in TNA.

Iron Mark Tyson: Oh no! You’re right~ I should have brought that big scary bird to attack you! What was I thinking?

Damien: What are y…??? I was being facetious! (*sigh*) What a “mark”!

Mike’s Daughter: Mark, you’re not helping, so I suggest you get out of here before Damien attacks you in some way.

Damien: Yeah. Do what the vile woman says Mike. Before I summon WWE Superstar Kane by making you say “that date”.

Iron Mark Tyson: What “date”? You mean “May 19”?

(*Kane appears and starts running towards Mark Tyson with a meat hook causing Mark to race down the street like hell*)

Kane: DON’T SAY THAT DATE!!! (*chases Mark Tyson but stops in front of Mike and his daughter and his angry expression turns into a smile*): Oh, don’t forget, make sure to tell your listeners in Knox County, Tennessee to vote for Glen Jacobs, a kinder and gentler candidate for Mayor in 2018 (*gives the thumbs up but his smile immediately turns back into anger as he continues to chase Mark Tyson down the street*) I’ll get you for saying that date you dumb mark!!!

Mike’s Daughter: (*face-palms and sighs*) What a “mark”.

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