Stephen King’s IT (End Credits) by Richard Bellis / Murder Was The Case by Snoop Dogg

Mike’s Daughter: Damien! You little brat! You deflated my boobs! And now they’re…they’re–

Mike Check (*comes closer*): Actually…(*makes a closer inspection and then covers his eyes*) Not that an old father wishes to view and judge his daughter’s…you know…but it’s not that bad at all? They’re not even misshaped or anything darlin’? It seems that he just made them–

Mike’s Daughter: Hideous!

Mike Check: No. Actually, judging by the sizes of all the fillies boobs that I’ve seen over the years, they seem to look…normal sized.

Mike’s Daughter (*bursts into tears*): Now how am I supposed to charge double my clients at work with these tiny…things?!…Uh, never-mind what I said dad.

Mike Check: I don’t understand that particular reference there anyway? But can you go find a smaller bra or something to wear so I can uncover my eyes.

(*As Mike’s Daughter rushes upstairs to change, Mike uncovers his eyes and a clown, aka Pennywise from the movie: “IT”, pops up in front of him*)

“Pennywise”: Hiya, Mikey! Peek-A-Boo!

Mike Check (*jumps back*): Aaaaahhhh! Gosh! Darn It! A clown! (*goes and hides*) Get that feller away from me before I suffer another heart attack!

“Pennywise”: Mikey? Aren’t cha gonna say… “hello?”

Mike Check: No! Go away there feller! I’d rather go to hell with that young Damon feller over there?

“Pennywise”: Ohhh… come on, bucko! Don’t pee your pants?

Damien (*interrupts*): Hey! Find some other time to torment Mike Check, I was here first! And who in my father’s realm are you anyway?!

“Pennywise”: I am Pennywise the dancing clown! You look like a nice boy, I bet you have a lot of friends?

Damien: No “CLOWN”, I do not! Go dance back into the gutter from which you came!

“Pennywise”: Oh come on? Don’t you want a…balloon?

Damien: I’ll give you one more chance to leave before I burst you like a balloon just like I did to Mike Check’s daughter’s boobs!

“Pennywise”: Boobs?! I bet they float?! And did you also put Prince Albert in a can?…You did? Well you better let the poor guy out?! (*points to his crotch and makes humping motion*) *BEEP BEEP* Whoohahahahaaa!

Damien: Prince Albert?! What the f…?! That’s it! (*Damien’s eyes turn fiery red and uses his evil power to launch “Pennywise” like a rocket in the air and he bursts like a balloon*)

Mike Check: Why thank ya there little feller for getting rid of that clown. (*motions to hug Damien but stops when he sees that Damien’s eyes are still red*) Ah…maybe not? So does this mean that you’re not taking me back to hell after-all?

Damien: Of course you still going to hell! I only “murdered” that clown because he was annoying as “heaven”! But where you’ll soon be going, there will be clowns everywhere! Lucky for you that my father will not be returning quite yet! But in the meantime, I may stay a while and toy with you and your neighborhood some more. I see why you mortals find Halloween so fun! Bwhahaha!


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