Evil Ways by Santana

Mike’s Daughter: Dad. Remember two weeks ago when you were worried about that “crazy Pope” guy saying something about STAN returning? Well, I think we’re in the clear because I think STAN’s too busy possessing Superstar Billy Graham again and ranting about Shane McMahon social media.

Mike Check: Hmmm. But..it mentions that this feller is angry about someone’s “son”…and it mentions the word “hell” at the end?…You don’t think that this might be a sign that “Sam’s” son is coming from “hell” there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: (*sigh*) No! You’re reading into things that aren’t even there!

Mike Check: Perhaps you’re right there darlin. But whether Sam returns or not, it sure seems that this feller will never stop his “Evil Ways” here on…Halloween Hootenanny!


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