I Am The Anti-Pope by Zlad!

Mike Check: Weeelll Fellers! It’s time for Halloween Hootenanny, and…!

(*Knock at the door*)

Mike Check (*opens front door and sees a drunken man dressed as The Pope*): Hello feller…wait? Are you Trick Or Treating already? It’s only the start of the Month and I’m about to commence another annual edition of “Halloween Hootannnay”. So who are you supposed to be there feller, The Pope?

“Man dressed as a Pope”: Mike Check! I am the true Pope that rules the Vatican; The Anti-Pope! You don’t know me! But I know all about you! And I have come here with a warning! There will be a devil child coming soon that will try to invade this very property! He will bring forth the return of his father Satan! And all of humanity will burn in hell for eternity!

Mike Check: Weelll. That doesn’t sound swell there feller (*looks back to see his daughter and does the “coo-coo gesture”*). Do you want some candy for your kid or something?

Anti-Pope: No! I only consume the body and blood of Christ!

Mike Check: You sure do, (*holds nose*) I think I can smell it on your breath there feller?!

Anti-Pope: Mike Check! I am not drunk on Communion Wine, I am drunk on the truth! And the truth is that the prophecy states that the son of Satan will come forth on October 18, in the year 2017!

Mike Check: Feller? Why the 18th?

Anti-Pope: Don’t you see?! If you add the “number 6” three times, it adds up to the number “18”, and you know what three sixes is the symbol for…?!

Mike’s Daughter (*comes rushing to the door*): Look, I’ve heard enough! I’ve just called the authorities and they’re looking for an escaped mental patient. So I suggest you get out of here before you scare away all the kids with that Priest outfit on!

Anti-Pope: Don’t say I didn’t warn you when he comes…(*interrupted by police sirens*)…Oh…drat!

Policeman (*Comes out of police car and handcuffs the “Anti-Pope”*): Okay sir, I’m going to take you somewhere where you can have a nice rest.

Anti-Pope: Oh, thanks I haven’t slept for days. (*taken away in police car*)

Mike Check: …Fascinating.


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