Same Old Song And Dance by Aerosmith

Midnight Rose:…That old mang Colonel Sanders may had ruined my wedding moment…BUT HE’S SURE NOT GOING TO RUIN MY WEDDING! *grabs Mike’s Daughter by the arm*

Mike’s Daughter: What the hell are you doing?

Midnight Rose: Hey! Come on in here chica!

*In comes a member of the infamous “Rose Garden” Mr. Fitness II*

Midnight Rose: You she here my sweet pelican not only is Mr. Fitness II is one of the strongest and healthiest men in the world but he’s also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. Make up with the speedy wedding, come on!

Mr. Fitness II: If anyone who does not agree with this marriage let them speak nor or forever hold their peace.

Midnight Rose: Why did you have to–

???: Oh I can think of a few reasons!

*In walks Raging_Demons*

Midnight Rose: Where were you mang? You better have some stuff for my wedding mang!

Raging_Demons: Two things. One I am no longer your representative from And two I brought a wedding gift for the “bride”.

Mike’s Daughter: Oh you’re absolutely frea–

*In walks Mike Check*

Doc Brown: GREAT SCOTT!!! Its Mike Check!

Mike Check: Weeelllll! I don’t like it when a feller treats my daughter there in the wrong way. Let her go or else I’ll do something that I might regret there.

Midnight Rose: OR what mang? What are you going to do there? You’re going to kick my ass?!? You’re 100 and tree years old! I dare you–AW!

*Mike Check throws dirt in The Midnight Rose’s face, then he follows it up with a gut punch, The Midnight Rose goes down. Mike Check then follows up with a swift kick in the crotch*

Mike Check: Leave before I have to do something you will regret there feller.

Midnight Rose (cringing from the dirt in his eyes in the pain): AW! OW! You interfered in my business once too many times there MANG! OW!

*Midnight Rose and Mr. Fitness II scurry off*

Raging_Demons: And you owe me 50 bucks for the Lyft Ride!

Mike’s Daughter: But! Why? How!

Raging_Demons: Easy there Chief Jay Strongbow. Let me explain. STAN was on this from the very beginning.

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah I know.

Raging_Demons: No. From the VERY beginning. STAN framed you for embezzlement. He used that as a way to separate Mike from us at I didn’t notice it until we were trying to close your expense account. We had a sudden surge of money for no reason. I used PB’s elite investigators to hunt this down since your expense account was already messed with before. Someone we got into them and there was an evil aura around them. Using PB’s HP squad.

Mike’s Daughter: HP?

Raging_Demons: Harry Potter squad. Who knew that Harry Potter, D & D, and LARPing nerds as magicians can actually be useful? Anyways they detected that something evil was afoot and they directed me to STAN. STAN was in a great mood trolling Vince Russo and Jim Cornette as of late when I confronted him and found out about everything. STAN’s in deep trouble with us. He’s banned from everything from I had to correct the damage that STAN made so I went back to The Probation Board, showed my evidence, and…and–

Mike’s Daughter: What?

Raging_Demons: Mike Check’s back with us at! *sob* And I’m back assigned to you two idiots! *cry*

Mike’s Daughter: Well if my dad is back that means…He’s under house arrest here with me at my home! And that means…

Mike Check: Its the “Same Old Song And Dance” by Aerosmith here on…THE MACKER!

Doc Brown: Mike quick, the universe needs–GREAT SCOTT!!! I stayed here too long. I got to leave before Triple H destroys The Ratings Reaper. Mike whatever you do, don’t play any music by The Satellite Sisters!

*Doc Brown takes off in The Delorean and disappear*

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