Rolling In The Deep by Adelle

Mike’s Daughter: Oh crap! There has been no music played since Dad went to jail! Where’s my music collection? *gets out a giant CD album and opens it*. Let’s see…*turns page* Nope…*turns page* AW! This Adelle CD will “play well in this market” as Dad would say. Playing “Rolling In The Deep” would be perfect. *opens cd player, puts cd in and closes cd player*. Well…*pushes a couple of buttons* play damn you! Play! *hits fist on console*

Mike’s Daughter: Um…That’s not “Rolling In The Deep”? Come on you! *pushes some more buttons* WORK!

Mike’s Daughter: I have various Doctorates and Master’s Degrees yet I can’t make this damn thing work!!! Come you! WORK! *kicks Mike Check’s radio console*

Mike’s Daughter: Manos The Hands of Fate?!? Well this is considered–NO! WORK YOU MOTHER F***ING PIECE OF CRAP!!! WORK!!! *grabs and tries to shake console*

Mike’s Daughter: Hey! They stole my idea! Now LOOK you piece of S**T! At the beginning Dad said he had a show I thought it was cute for awhile, he then asked for various junk pieces and I said sure why not entertain him since he’s under house arrest. Now DAD IS IN JAIL and all I need to do is to run THIS ADELLE CD and your not even doing it! WORK DAMN YOU! WORK!!! *slams fist on console*

Mike’s Daughter: GOD DAMN YOU!!!

*Mike’s Daughter grabs a baseball to smash Mike Check’s radio console in anger, but trips, head plants into the radio console, and falls unconscious*

Mike’s Daughter: Youuuu*snores*


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