Just Don’t Care Anymore by American Fangs

*The Conversation continues…*

Raging_Demons: Woah there! I’ve never seen you this pissed! Usually you take whatever crap Angry Jim gives out.

RVM Kai: I know. And here I thought that Jim was behaving himself since “that tragedy”.

Raging_Demons: You mean since his wife…moved to The Canary Islands?

RVM Kai: Yeah. But now he’s worse than ever!? But on top of that, you caught me at a bad time because I was just on the phone before that…that…whatever the hell that was about?!

Raging_Demons: You picked up THAT Midnight Rose call?!? What did he promise this time?

RVM Kai: No, it wasn’t one of Midnight Rose’s girlfriends, in fact it was Mike Check’s Daughter.

Raging_Demons: No wonder you’re pissed? What the hell did that skanky ass whore want this time?

RVM Kai: Well Mike Check has been sent back to Prison because there was apparently some deal with Premier Blah that he could only stay out as long as Mike worked for us.

Raging_Demons: Yup, your right.

RVM Kai: WHAT?!? You knew?! Why am I only just finding out about this now?

Raging_Demons: Premier Blah explained it to me. After PB, the police, and basically what felt like forever after they found me in Mike Check’s old house thanks to what her daughter did to me. I was in the hospital healing up, and I guess PB felt sorry for what he put me through, so he explained the secret to me. And that was that Folsom Prison and the police weren’t going to let Mike Check out after the stunt that his daughter caused so he worked out basically one hell of a parole deal. I mean I would want this deal if I got sent to jail!

RVM Kai: What’s in the deal?

Raging_Demons: Well…Basically it went like this: Mike Check had to follow the rules of probation meaning if he broke just one little law, he goes back in jail. If he associated with any known gang members or criminals, he goes back in jail. If he escape house arrest, he goes back in jail. PB asked for a few more conditions to be added.

RVM Kai: Like…?

Raging_Demons: In return for working with us Mike’s prison sentence gets reduced by the time he was working for the company. If Mike Check screwed us over he goes back in jail.

RVM Kai: He did!

Raging_Demons: No that was his daughter. So Mike escaped that one. If Mike Check injured or hurt anybody on Wrestlecrapradio.com he goes back in jail. And the big one, if Mike Check was fired or he quit Wrestlecrapradio.com then he goes back in jail.

RVM Kai: And he did when he accepted STAN’s offer to save his arse from us thus quitting wrestlecrapradio.com?

Raging_Demons: Exactly. Also a good thing too since PB had to pay a LOT of money for Mike Check to get under house arrest. The money we had to pay for that ankle bracelet alone to maintain was insane!

RVM Kai: STAN pulled off a real dick move on Mike Check. I feel sorry for the guy.

Raging_Demons: Not me. I just don’t care anymore. Really. After what those two put me through for 6+ years I would not wish that on anyone. I–*checks smartphone* What the?

RVM Kai: What?

Raging_Demons: The Accounting Department was helping me out with closing Mike Check’s expense account since I was helping you out and with my new assignment, they saw something weird?

RVM Kai: You got a new assignment? Who is it? And how weird?

Raging_Demons: Well all I can say is that he was looking for a Shake Weight since the old one got broken.

RVM Kai: HIM?!? The last time he wanted a rep Iggy was doing a favor for him, and Iggy hasn’t been seen since!

Raging_Demons: I’ll be fine. Kai are you still on a call with her?

RVM Kai: No why?

Raging_Demons: Looks like your phone is off the hook there.

RVM Kai: Oh?! Son Of A–

– – – – –

Mike’s Daughter: STAN’s behind this?!? Now I really got to get Dad out of jail!


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  1. Damn phone! It seems Mike’s daughter (including the rest of the world) heard the whole conversation between me, Raging_Demons and Angry Jim!

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