Airplanes by B.o.B ft Hayley Williams

*Mike Check’s Daughter was right. In a fit of rage dealing with her, RVM Kai forgot to hang up on her. The following is a conversation that takes place with her still connected on the phone*

RVM Kai (breathes a sigh of relief): We definitely need to get a better front desk person. We did all that for Mike Check’s herpe-ridden daughter?!?

Raging_Demons (yelling from the background): NO JIM!

Angry Jim Ross (yelling from the background): AND WHY THE HELL NOT FAKE DEAL!

RVM Kai: Guys! Can you come in here please you’re making a lot of noise! *Brings Raging_Demons and Angry Jim Ross in and closes the door* Okay. Now what’s going on here?

Raging_Demons: Jim wants to sleep with Dark Journey! AGAIN!

RVM Kai: JIM! We already talked about this!

Raging_Demons: Oh it gets much complicated than that!

RVM Kai: How complicated?

Angry Jim: Well Kai, I wanna open my own airline franchise, with a lot of airplanes sellin’ my barbecue, and I want Dark Journey to be my head stewardess!

RVM Kai: Wait! WHAT?!?! I only had you at United to sell your damn barbecue?! What the hell happened with that?!

Angry Jim: Some damn son of a b***h complained about having a barbecue meal so I had him thrown out of a plane!


Raging_Demons: Oh it gets better! To correct the damage that Jim caused I had him at a local airport managing the airport meals there but it got interesting.

RVM Kai: Interesting as in…?

Angry Jim: Those, probably vegan, a**h***s refused to eat my meat after I gave them free samples so I shut down the airline, had their flights rescheduled, and I told them to go–

RVM Kai: JIM!!!

Angry Jim: So I figured I’d get some big airplanes to sell barbecue and then have some small planes to drop family meals of 4 on people’s heads. Then I get Dark Journey as the head stewardess because stewardess’ love to–


Angry Jim: But–!

Raging_Demons: Told you it was a bad idea Jim.

Angry Jim: Go Fu–

RVM Kai: JIM!!

Angry Jim: Fine. By the way you’re still gettin’ me to call Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe right?!

RVM Kai: Leave before I get you to call King Maxel vs Wolfgang Hardy!

Angry Jim: Oh and Fake Deal! You can go FLOP Yourself! *opens and slams door*


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