Please Be Patient by Feist/The Game by Drowning Pool

Mike’s Daughter (yawns): OH crap! I forgot my phone! Its easy to forget things when your trying to drink away Dad’s latest embarrassment. Where is it? *searches* Oh there it is!

Mike’s Daughter: I’M…STILL ON HOLD?!? How in the hell am I still on hold?!? Its feel like I’ve been on hold for at least a few days! Maybe watching some more TV will kill time.
(*turns on TV to the local news*)

– – – –
Newsperson 1: With the reports of Saudi Arabia making their own Robocop, a lot of citizens in the United States are not happy about this.

Newsperson 2:Especially in the Detroit area since they have their own Robocop in the area before Saudi Arabia did. Lets go live on the scene with Chet Udontbetcha. Chet?

Chet Udontbetcha: I’m here in Detroit where the Detroit PD is about to have a press conference with something that looks like a metal man. Looks like the Police Chief is about to speak.

Police Chief: We hear in the Detroit PD are angry that-that land of whatever is stealing OUR credit! We have our own Robocop for years! In fact Robocop has a few words for you!

*Robocop walks up to the stage*


*Robocop glitches into CS Irwin*

CS Irwin:..out of trouble.

Police Chief (clapping): Yes! yes! *whispering loudly to someone backstage* I thought you fixed that?!? Ladies and–What is that?!?

Chet Udontbetcha: Wellll after that there’s a huge pile of smoke that’s appearing out of nowhere! Someone is coming out of it! Its some…thing. OH MY GOD! ITS THE GRIM REAPER!!! HE’S GOING TO KILL US ALL! WAIT! HE’S TAKING OFF HIS HOOD! ITS–ITS–WWE Superstar Triple H?!? Triple H is pointing his scythe which is firing something at Robocop! HE’S DOWN! ROBOCOP’S DOWN! Now Triple H is walking over to the fallen Robocop. Triple H is saying–something to Robocop that we in the audience can’t hear. WAIT! Triple H is about to say something.

Triple H: Listen up old man! I AM THE GAME AND I AM THAT…DAMN…GOOD!!!

– – – –

Mike’s Daughter (shutting off TV): God damn it! Does Triple H has to do stupid stuff like this to put himself over?!?


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