Please be Patient by Feist / Bad Boys by Inner Circle

Mike’s Daughter: Grrrr!!! I’m still on hold?! Those dweebs over at better pay for the charges! Well, it seems that I’ll be waiting a while, so why don’t I see what’s on TV (*turns on TV onto Spike*)

– – – –
*Voice on TV: “COPS is filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”*
– – – –

Mike’s Daughter: COPS? Meh. Let’s see what’s on another ch…(*sees an old man escaping from a police car*) Wait?…Is that…dad?

– – – –
*ON TV: Mike Check (*handcuffed and slowly running away from the police*): No. I’m not going to prison again?! You’ll never catch me there fellers!

Officer #1: (*to Officer #2) He’s…slowly getting away! Get him!

(*Officer #2 casually walks over to Mike and grabs him while Officer #1 pepper sprays him*)

Mike Check: AHHHH! My eyes!

Officer # 2: Was that really necessary?

Officer #1: Sorry, force of habit.

Mike Check: Now I know how that Rodney Smith, or was it Larry King, feels?!…

Officer #1: Sorry about that sir but we have our strict orders to bring you back to prison.

Mike Check (*while being dragged by the two officers back to the police car*) : Well fellers, if I was over at KMCR I’d be playing “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle right now because you fellers are a couple of “bad boys”, let me tell you. (*Mike is put back in police car*)*
– – – –

Mike’s Daughter (*face-palms*): This is so embarrassing.


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