Please Be Patient by Feist

Mike’s Daughter: AUGH! I can’t believe those trolls at! First they accuse me of stealing their money, which I might I don’t know. At times things get so blurry down at the club after drinking my ass off without no customers! Then they send us that horrid Ninja Turtles CD which had to be destroyed! Oh god the music is still the fuel that haunts my nightmares as of late! Then I go and save us from Dad betting my soul against STAN and that dweeb RVM Kai keeps saying that he wants credit for doing what I did! Can you believe that guy?!?

Now Dad’s back in jail again, on Fathers’ Day no less, and I’m betting they wrote some fake legal crap in spite for me…Or Alberto El Patron, destroying their precious CD again! I can’t take this anymore! I can’t do the same thing as I did before so I’m going to call them to get a straight answer once and for all!

*Gets her cellphone to call the Headquarters*


Mike’s Daughter: Yeah I want to talk to one of the idiots that was running “The Mike Check Show” Now! Either that whiner RVM Kai, that little bitch Raging_Demons, that pussy of a boss Premier Blah, or hell maybe even your boyfriend that I slept with last night! I want a person to speak to right NOW!

Operator: You must be one of The Midnight Rose’s girlfriends. Transferring you now.

Mike’s Daughter: What the?!? I’ve been placed on hold! Fine whatever!

Mike’s Daughter: I’m still on hold? Fine. I’ll plug my charger in and work on that atom splitting side project I was working on as of late.

Mike’s Daughter: Well I’m the queen of an alternate dimension, like I should be, so let me check the–Oh for crying out loud! I’m still on hold! Am I going to be on hold for the entire damn day?!?!


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