The Prisoner by Gil Scott-Heron

Mike’s Daughter: What do you mean my dad broke his house arrest agreement?!? I don’t understand?

Officer 1: Let me explain. Did he work for some company called

Mike’s Daughter (facepalms herself and sighs): Yeah he did. My dad had a show with them and we just got back the show rights and everything from them. Why?

Officer 1: Well your dad made an agreement with someone named–Can you read this?

Officer 2: Looks like a “Premier Blah?” That’s a weird name?

Mike’s Daughter: Oh Great!

Officer 1: Well anyway in agreement to do a show for this company, Premier Blah made a deal with the State of California Prison System saying that as long as Mike Check can be under House Arrest, he can serve his Lifetime Sentence of “Failing to Pay Child Support” for over his 500 victims as long as he was working for However if your father ever broke out of his home, or quit the company he goes right back to prison!

Mike’s Daughter: But you can’t!

Officer 2: I’m afraid we can. *handcuffs Mike Check* Come on! Your heading back to prison!

Mike Check: Well! Looks like I’m a Prisoner again! I’m heading back to…THE SLAMMER!


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