Drift Away by Dobie Gray

*knock on the door*

Mike Check: I’ll get it.

Mick Foley (tumbling in holding a big box of records and CDs): Hey Mikey!

Mike Check (dodges Foley from hitting him): Wha! What are you doing here Rick? Are you still trying to celebrate our friendship again from last year?

Mike’s Daughter (yelling from upstairs): Who’s that at the door?

Mike Check: Rick Foley is back again!

Mike’s Daughter (yelling from upstairs): Oh my god! I’ve got to call our insurance to see if we’re covered in all things Foley!

Mike Check (to Foley): Why are you here Rick? You better not have brought me any Ringo Starr records this time there feller?

Foley: Wweellll….no. I think it’s safe to say that you won’t be breaking your window with anything in this collection? Heh-heh. But anyway, I was recently going through some old clothes, comics, WWE memorabilia and thinking of doing a major auction for charity in the summer and also came across this old box of records and I thought of you. I also happened to be listening to your show and hearing that you were playing the soundtrack to “The Guardians of The Galaxy” movies these past two weeks, but you seemed to have missed some music.

Mike Check: No I didn’t. I have these two CDs right here.

Foley: Yes you did now let me explain. Awhile back I was at a comic-com, you know signing autographs when I saw my old friend Will Friedle, we met on the “Boy Meets World” set. Of course he’s now the voice of “Star-Lord” on the “Guardians of The Galaxy” animated series.

Mike Check: I thought it was a movie?

Foley: After the first movie Disney and Marvel made a cartoon series, sorry “animated series”. Marvel went and made their own version of the “Awesome Mixes” called “The Cosmic Mix Vol. 1” for the show. Will told me that James Gunn, the guy directing the movies, wasn’t particularly thrilled that it was made–

Mike Check: Do you have it Rick?

Foley: Oh! Oh Yeah! Its in this box of records that I was going to give to you Mikey. *gives the big box of records to Mike Check* I was going to give you these records for you as a gift. *digs in the box* Its in here somewhere.

Mike Check (trying to keep his balance): Its a little heavy here Rick.

Foley: Let’s see. Nope. *pulls an album out*. Not that one. *pulls a CD out* So that’s where that one was! *puts it back in the box*

Mike Check: Could you hurry it up here Rick?!?

Mike’s Daughter (running downstairs): Bad news Dad, if Mick Foley tries another ring explosion we’re not covered but if he–

*Mike Check trips and falls, with the box landing on him covered in albums and CD’s*

Mike’s Daughter: DAD!!!

Foley: Aw! There it is! *picks up the “Cosmic Mix CD”*

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Are you okay?

Mike Check: Yeah. I’m gonna “Drift Away” for a bit, Rick has a CD that he wants you to play. *passes out*

Foley: Heh-heh. *Gives the CD to Mike’s Daughter*

Mike’s Daughter: Wait, what’s this? “The Cosmic Mixes”? There’s another damn Guardians CD?! Do we have to play this because I thought that are we going to play my…

Foley *interrupts and pretends to be distracted*: What’s that Colette? *presses his hand to hear as if he heard something* Noelle’s needs my help. Oh Dear! I got to go! *Foley leaves*


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