I Walk Alone by Saliva / Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum

(*loud knock at the door*)

Mike Check: Oh no. I hope it’s not another former WWWF wrestler? Ole Mike’s already had three of them already try to attack me this month?

(*goes to open the door*)

(Large Man at the door) : Excuse me? Is this KCMR radio?

Mike Check: Actually feller, It’s KMCR: “THE MACKER”! But yes, you’re at the right place there…Wait, I hope you don’t have that Kane feller with you?

Dave Batista: Cane? I don’t need a Cane, I can walk just fine thanks. No, my name is Dave Batista, I play Drax: The Destroyer in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol: 2 and I was wondering if you could play my movie’s soundtrack? (*Hands over soundtrack CDs from Vol. 1 and 2*)

Mike Check (*looks at the track-lists of both CD’s): Hmmm, weelll feller, I think this will play well in this market.

Dave Batista: “Market”?! I thought this was a radio station? Are you trying to fool me!?

Mike Check: No, what I meant there feller was…

(*Batista picks up Mike and gives him the Batista Bomb*)

Mike’s Daughter (*screams*): Why did you hurt my dad?! I think he’s unconscious?

Dave Batista: Yes, and when that old man comes to, he better turn this market into a radio station. Fast!

Mike’s Daughter: Ah??? Okay. (*nervously picks up both CDs*) Why don’t I pick a song from this just for today.

(*Dave Batista gives Mike’s Daughter an angry stare*)

Mike’s Daughter: Okay…what if I play random songs on here on shuffle for a week?

(*Dave Batista is still giving Mike’s Daughter an angry stare*)

Mike’s Daughter: …Two Weeks?

Dave Batista (*grins and nods*): I thought you’d see it my way. But there’s no need to “shuffle”, you can even just sit or stand when you play it. Later. (*Batista leaves*)

(*Mike Check comes out of unconsciousness*)

Mike’s Daughter: Dad?! Are you okay? You have to stop pissing off WWE Superstars?

Mike Check: I’m fine there darlin’? But for a second there, ole Mike thought that he was a “Spirit In The Sky”, let me tell you.

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