Judas by Fozzy

Mike’s Daughter: Dad, are you alright? You were almost chokeslammed by Kane yesterday?

Mike Check: Yes darlin, I’m…

(*knock at the door*)

Mike Check (*opens from door*): Hello?.

?: Hi. I’m…

Mike Check: Uh???…Wait, you’re not my old pal Clint Bobski?

Chris Jericho: Ah, no? I’m Chris Jericho…

Mike Check: Are you sure you’re not Clint Bobski?

Chris Jericho: I think I know my own name…oh, perhaps you got me confused with that terrible wrestling announcer from Southpaw Regional Wrestling? I get that all the time. No, I’m Chris Jericho; WWE Superstar and lead singer of Fozzy. And speaking of that, since you are the famous Mike Check, the aficionado of all things music and radio, you would have probably heard that we’ve just launched our new single “Judas” and–

Mike Check: Fozzy? Oh, I know you…aren’t you also one of the fellers from the Muppets; Fozzy Bear? I like that program.

Chris Jericho: No it’s not Fozzy Bear, it’s just “Fozzy”, you STUPID IDIOT!

Mike Check: Hey, listen here Craig Jeranemo, there’s no need to be rude there feller.

Chris Jericho: Oh so now you’re stealing the old “gimmick of Jericho” of getting people’s names wrong on purpose, huh? Do you know what happens to people who steal my gimmick and keeps getting my name wrong?! Do ya, “Mark Shrek”?! (*pulls out a clipboard, clicks his pens and pauses*)

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I under–

Chris Jericho (*cuts Mike off*): You just made the list! (*writes Mike’s name on his legal pad*)

Mike Check: Ole Mike’s on your “List”? Well that’s tough talk there from some scarf wearin’ pansy!

Chris Jericho: So I’m a scarf wearing pansy, huh? This scarf is worth more than your whole house! So why don’t you “drink it in maaann”! (*takes off his scarf and strangles Mike Check with it but then stops after realizing that he’s ruining it*). Dammit! Look what you made me do! The Scarf Of Jericho is ruined!

Mike Check: (*coughing*) I’m sorry about your scarf there feller but that’s not my…

Chris Jericho (*calms down and interjects*): No. It’s my bad, I got carried away. How about we make things even by me taking you off the “List of Jericho” and you playing my new single. And I’ll promise this will never….eeeeeeevvvvveeerrrrr happen again! (*turns and leaves*)

Mike’s Daughter: Dad?! Are you alright?! You’re not actually going to play his song after all that are you?

Mike Check: Of course I am darlin’…I’m off “The List”.

Mike’s Daughter: *sigh*


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