Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven

Mike Check: Well today is “MAY 19″…

(*knock at the front door*)

Mike Check (*opens door*): Hello…

Kane: Hi. My name is Glen Jacobs and I’m running for Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee and…(*starts placing his hands on his ears*)

Mike Check: What’s wrong there feller? Do you have a headache?

Kane: (*starting to get mad*) Did I overhear you say “THAT DATE” just before?!

Mike Check: Why, yes there feller, today’s date is “May 19″…

Kane (*picks up Mike Check for a choke slam*): DON’T SAY THAT DATE!!!

Mike’s Daughter (*screams*): Let go of my dad! Please!

Kane (*puts down Mike and holds his ears again*) Don’t you ever say “THAT DATE” again! I don’t want this pain! Aggghhh! (*starts to raise his arms to light Mike’s house on fire but then immediately stops and composes himself*)…I’m terribly sorry about that sir. But please tell your listeners in the Knox County market to vote for Glen Jacobs: “Lighting The Way For Our Future” in 2018. Thanks for your time (*turns and leaves*).

Mike Check: (*coughing*) Fascinating? What’s the deal with that big feller and ole Mike saying “May…?

Mike’s Daughter (*stops Mike from repeating the date again*): No! Don’t you know Dad?! That was WWE Superstar Kane. You shouldn’t have mentioned “that date” today because, let’s just say that it was a bad day for him. That was the date on which his mother and adopted family were killed in a fire and it was also the release date of his bad horror movie “See No Evil”.

Mike Check: Oh? Fire? Well, why didn’t that poor feller just say so before putting his ten fingers around ole Mike’s throat? Well speaking of “fingers”, here’s another finger…”Finger Eleven” that is, here on….THE MACKER!


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