Ne Ver Ne Boysia Ne Prosi by t.A.T.u.

Mike Check: Well here’s a song from a couple of Russian fillies called ‘Tatoo’ or something like that? Fascinating. The world has really changed in the last month? Russia is now democratic and allows fillies to…you know?

Mike’s Daughter: Last month? Dad! This song was from Eurovision in 2003! And do you realize that Communism fell in Russia over two decades ago? And what’s wrong with women in same sex relationships? Although I think that these two were only putting on an act for publicity, like that time I…uh, never mind. Uh, but anyway, don’t you remember that t.A.T.u. also sang WWE’s Victoria’s theme song “All The Things She Said”, which became a one hit wonder at the time?

Mike Check: Victoria? Was she the filly that was also known as Tara in the TNA?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes, and she was also one of Godfather’s Hos at one point.

Mike Check: Well, all that I know is that ole Mike would love to have “one hit wonder” with that “Ho”, let me tell you…

(*knock at the door*)

Mike Check: (*opens door and Victoria appears*) Well speaking of…

Victoria: What did you say about me Mike?! Did you call me a ho!?!? (*Before Mike can answer she strangles him like Andre The Giant did to Bob Uecker at WrestleMania IV for 5 seconds and then does her psycho pose*) Don’t you ever call me a ho again! I’m not the lady to mess with! (*she turns and leaves in disgust*)

Mike Check (*coughing*): Fascinating.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad, you just never learn?


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