I’m Free by Soup Dragons

Mike Check: Weell Fellers! Ole Mike can finally say that I’m “Free”…

Mike’s Daughter: “Free”? No, technically you’re not dad. For one thing, you’re still under house arrest remember. When STAN granted us that one wish, maybe you could have wished for…oh I don’t know…something better like making that ankle bracelet of yours disappear! But oh no, you had to wish for that for that stupid CD which we really didn’t need anymore…and even if we did, it was then destroyed again anyway?!

Mike Check: Perhaps you’re right there darlin’. That’s why “you’re free” to make some decisions around here from now on.

Mike’s Daughter: Okay. Since “I’m free” to do what I want here on, I guess we’ll now call it, “The Mike Check And Daughter Show”…

Mike Check: No. It’s still just “The Mike Check Show”. I think that name still plays better in this market. But you’re still my partner there darlin’.

Mike’s Daughter: Whatever? So “I’m free” to introduce the Soup Dragons?

Mike Check: So that mean feller with the mustache who banned me from the soup kitchen has a song now?

Mike’s Daughter: You’re thinking of “Soup Nazi” this is “I’m free” by Scottish band Soup Dragons, here on…THE MACKER!

Mike Check: I still think it sounds better if I say the line?

Mike’s Daughter: Whatever dad. But today; “There’s no soup for you!”

Mike Check: I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there?


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