Highway to Hell by AC/DC

STAN: I must admit, that “Head Cuttin’ Duel” from yesterday rocked, even though I actually thought that Steve Vai was the better player than whoever that guy from The Karate Kid was miming to. But anyway, nothing will beat my final song on the “666 years of Whackin’ song battle, and it’s one of the greatest songs that I have ever written; it’s “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC:

STAN (*Laughs*): There. I win. There’s nothing that can beat “Highway To fricken’ Hell” by AC/DC! Now give me your souls!

Mike’s Daughter: Not so fast. You cheated. You already played AC/DC earlier in the month and you can’t play another song by the same artist or band, remember. That was part of the rules!

STAN: I lied! Did you forget that I’m “The Evil Troll Lord” remember! Hell, I’m The Devil himself goddammit! Did you fools really think that this was really going to result in, you pathetic mortals, winning in the end? Now, give me your souls!

Mike’s Daughter: No! Not until you give us one more chance. We demand one more song, and it’s for all or nothing. And if we win you must hand us our show back and promise to leave us alone.

STAN: Okay, if I agree that tomorrow’s song is what I, Stan, deem the greatest tune ever to ever troll me, than I will; spare you both, hand over “The Mike Check Show” and…what the hell…I’ll even grant you one wish. Okay?

Mike Check: That’s swell and I know just the perfect tune there feller…

(*@mikecheckshow‘s Twitter message notification sound is heard*)

Mike’s Daughter (*checks her phone*) No. Please you must let me pick this one dad. I have an idea.

Mike Check: Weelll. Okay my precious petunia. So tune in tomorrow fellers for the final installment of “6 Years Of Whackin'”…and hopefully it will not be the final installment of…THE MACKER!…Or Mike Check, for that matter!?

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  1. STAN WINS! Wait!? That’s not in the script? I hate to do this but I’m DM’ing you Idiots with a song that should help you out tomorrow!

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