Devil Comes Back To Georgia by Charlie Daniels and Mark O’Connor feat. Cash, Tritt and Stuart

STAN: Tsk-tsk, Mike’s Daughter or whatever your name is? If you had played the original Charlie Daniels Band version of “Devil Goes Down To Georgia” yesterday then perhaps you could’ve won? Buuut, since you played Primus’ version instead, it also means that it leaves open the ability for me to play the Charlie Daniels’ 1993 followup called “Devil Comes Back To Georgia”. And guess what? I actually like this one because I win in the end.

Mike’s Daughter: No. Johnny wins again.

STAN: No, let me read the lyrics…ah? Well, the ending is ambiguous but it clearly implies that I win.

Mike’s Daughter: I don’t think so? But okay, if you watch the music video it clearly “implies” that Johnny wins.

STAN: (*thinks for a second*) I don’t care what is implied! This song is the better one!

Mike’s Daughter: Says you.

STAN: Exactly. See. I win.

Mike Check: He’s got us there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: How has he got…!? (*sigh*) Never-mind!

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