Robot Hell by The Futurama Cast w/ The Beastie Boys

STAN: This song contest is too easy! It seems that you have reached the bottom of the barrel with your song choices Mike? I don’t even have think I even need to try anymore?

Mike’s Daughter: Of course it’s easy for you, because you’re a damn cheater!

STAN: Touche. So how about today I pick any random crap from the bottom of my barrel with this cheesy song from the show “Futurama? And like Bender in the song “Robot hell”, after I defeat you in this song battle, you will soon go through agonizing, and ironic, punishments for your mortal sins.

Mike Check: Like what? Me and my daughter are good people?

STAN: Really? Okay, for starters: For all those women that you have slept with, in the many markets that you have worked in, that you have also skipped paying child support to. You will spend the rest of eternity with just one of my concubines.

Mike Check: Well that’s not so bad, I guess?

STAN: Yes, but she will have the nose the size of Ringo Starr’s and you will be spend all eternity babysitting 1000 of her demon spawn…and oh, here’s the clincher, you will also be forced to also wear a chastity belt made of burning hot coal.

Mike Check: No, anything but that there feller!

STAN: And for your daughter, well she won’t be required to wear such a belt because she will become and forever be my one of my many BDSM slaves.

Mike Daughter (*looks at STAN making a whip cracking gesture*): Are you sure that’s a punishment?

STAN: (*looks at her again and thinks about it*) Huh? Wait? Now why do I feel a little scared all of a sudden? Ahh! The Irony?!

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