Hell Hath No Fury by Frankie Laine

Mike’s Daughter: Dad. This whole song contest against “STAN: The Evil Troll Lord” idea is really getting on my nerves right now. let’s face it Dad. I don’t think that your songs have been impressing Stan all that much?

Mike Check: Sure they are. Didn’t anything ole Mike has played work in you market there Sam?

STAN: Nope.

Mike’s Daughter: See. Now would you please let me play something this time?

Mike Check: Oh…okay there darlin’. So Sam there feller, I’m gonna let my daughter choose the song today because you know why?

STAN: No. Why?

Mike Check: Because although the fillies don’t make good radio DJ’s because they don’t have the mental smarts like men do. But you should be well aware that “Hell Hath No Fury” like a woman scorned…here on THE MACKER!

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Not only was what you said so sexist but that was supposed your cue to let me play something, not for you to play a Frankie Laine song?! (*sigh*) This whole thing is ridiculous!

Mike Check: Sorry there darlin’, but that wasn’t what I meant to do and then let you play something next time?

Mike’s Daughter: No! I said…(*groans*)

STAN (in a mocking Southern accent*): Yeah there sorry…”darlin'”. (*laughs hysterically*)

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