Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones

STAN: Oh no, your Muppet song was too good! Please have “sympathy for me” Mike, I don’t think that I can beat you in this song contest anymore?

Mike Check (*shocked*): Ah? Really there feller? So then why don’t you give us back the Mike Check Show and make like a tree and get the heck out of here!

Mike’s Daughter: That’s ‘Make like a tree and leave’, you…! Can’t you get anything right?!

STAN: (*laughs*) Nah Mike, I lied again. And it’s too bad that I don’t feel any sympathy for you because that was just my cue to play the song that I possessed your “mate” Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones to write called “Sympathy For The Devil”.

Mike Check: Darn it feller, you got to him too?

Mike’s Daughter: I guess that explains the impossibility of how he and Keith Richards are still living? Although I don’t know what explains you, dad?

Mike Check: Well my secret to a long life is…well they talk about the ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll’. Well, unlike Mick and Keith, ole Mike was not about the drugs, let me tell you. But just like them, I was definitely all about the Rock n’ Roll and the…

Mike’s Daughter (*interrupting*): Okay, I don’t want to hear anymore.

STAN: Yeah Mike, have some “sympathy” for our ears! What you were about to say would’ve been too disgusting for me to want to hear!

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