You’re No Good by The Muppets

Mike’s Daughter: STAN is really kicking our butts in this song contest, Dad. Will you finally allow me to choose something to play?

Mike Check: There’s no need for that darlin’ because ole Mike has a message from Linda Ronstadt to this Sam feller that says…”You’re No Good”…here on THE MACKER!

Mike’s Daughter: Dad, that wasn’t Linda Ronstadt? It looks like a version of the song by The Muppets or something?

Mike Check: Oh, darn it!

STAN: (*sarcastically*) Oh no, how did that happen? Seems that you really are “No Good” at this Mike?

Mike’s Daughter: I bet you had something to do with switching the songs, didn’t you Stan?…And what’s that record that you’re holding behind your back?

STAN: (STAN sets the record that he’s hiding behind his back in flames) You can’t prove anything. Bwhahahaha!

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