See You In Hell by Grim Reaper

STAN: How’s your groin Mike? Oh, I’m still laughing at the fact that you hurt yourself trying to attempt Michael Jackson’s crotch grab yesterday. Just like MJ and his gang of ballet dancers in that music video, your display of toughness was so “Bad” that it was good.

Mike Check: My groin is just fine there feller! You can just ask many of the pretty fillies out there over the years.

STAN: I have. Some of them are now my concubines in Hell and they’ve all told me how “bad” you perform in bed. Just like how “bad” you’re performing right now in this song contest.

Mike Check: Hey, there’s nothing “bad” about Ole Mike and my groin in the sack, let me tell you!

Mike’s Daughter: Okay shut up about Dad’s groin you two! Dammit, this is hopeless! I’m starting to think that I should be choosing the songs for now on?!

Mike Check: Hush Darlin’. I admit that “Bad” wasn’t the best song for this particular occasion, but I think that this Sam feller’s evil powers have taken my song picking abilities away.

STAN: No Mike, it’s just you that’s “Bad”…anyway, speaking of “bad”…oh what the hell. Here’s a song called “See You In Hell”, which is exactly where you both will be very soon, by 70’s British Heavy Metal band “Grim Reaper”…

(*lighting strikes and evil laughter is heard*)

STAN: What was that?

Mike’s Daughter: Wasn’t that you?

STAN: No. I think that was also a sign of your “ratings being reaped“. Bwhahahha!

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