Go Down Moses (Let My People Go) by Paul Robeson

Mike Check: I’m confused. So what did Sam mean darlin’ about a virginal flower like you to “blow…

Mike’s Daughter (*cuts Mike off*): Nothing Dad. Nothing at all. Can you play the next song quickly?!

Mike Check: Ah okay? Well since today is Good Friday, I thought that I’d go back to playing another hit from WGOD 93. This particular song is relevant because the whole point of this contest is that you, Sam, are playing the role of the evil Pharaoh and my daughter and I are like Moses and the Israelites who want you to let us go.

STAN: I thought the point of today was supposed to be about Jesus, not Moses?….not that I care about those kind of details anything. But you both will soon “Go Down” alright, in more ways than one.

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