The Silver Tongued Devil And I by Kris Kristofferson

STAN: Since I’m proud about how cunning I am in having my ways to easily beat you in this song contest Mike, here’s a song that I possessed Kris Kristofferson to write which…you can relate to this Mike, it’s about stealing someone else girl at the bar by sweet talking and then having your way with them afterwards.

Mike Check: Hey now there feller. Everyone of those fillies that ole Mike shacked up with was consensual.

Mike’s Daughter: Yeah. Don’t talk about my dad like that Stan. He my have slept with a lot of women but he had treated them all with res…uh, well…he has…I don’t know if I can come up with a good argument this time?

STAN: Of course you can’t. I mean, ‘consensual’? Yes. But how about those many child support payments that you promised to pay? I bet you sweet talked yourself out of those ones?

Mike Check: I don’t understand that particular reference there feller?

STAN: Of course you do. I’m merely exploiting your guilt. That’s one of the reasons why I would like to take your soul in particular, Mike. With the “Silver Tongued Devil” that I am along with your soul’s suave essence, just imagine what I could do after I use The Mike Check Show to for my plans of world domination!? For instance, with your voice, I could make every woman in the universe my sex slave.

Mike’s Daughter: You mean you’ll bore every woman on Earth to death after they hear you ramble for six hours? Maybe you should just stick with what you’re good at and exploit Tammy Sytch on Facebook.

STAN: Oh yeah? Well maybe you should stick to what your good at and blow me!

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