Burning Down The House by Talking Heads

STAN: Was yesterday’s song a little too “hot” for you Mike? Since I’m soon going to own your soul, I thought that I would look into it and see into your fears. It seems that your house catching on fire seems to be one of your biggest ones, and me being the “Troll Lord” and all, have exploited it. Clever, no?

Mike’s Daughter: This is ridiculous! Why don’t you just play it fair Stan?!

Mike Check: Don’t worry about it darlin’, I can handle him. It might have seemed like that I was cowering in the corner yesterday there feller but what I what actually doing was looking for a song by Talking Heads under my desk while singing the lyrics to myself.

STAN: Yeah yeah. A likely story.

Mike Check: It’s true there feller.

STAN: Hey look behind you, fire!

Mike Check: Agghhhh! Noooo! Where?!

STAN (*laughs*): What a maroon. But you’ll have to get used to it very soon after your soul will be surrounded by flames for all eternity after I burn you with my music.

Mike Check: Darn it! So you think that you’re gonna be “Burning Down The House” with you’re music there Sam, but ole Mike is now gonna be “Fighting Fire With Fire” here on THE MACKER!


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