Hotter Than Hell / Firehouse by KISS

STAN: Well speaking of the band “KISS” from yesterday, I’m gonna beat you to the punch and play one of their early hits; “Hotter Than Hell”.

Mike Check: Darn it. That means that I can’t play “God Gave Rock And Roll to you II” tomorrow.

STAN (*laughs*): Too bad. Because here’s a song that ‘Stan gave to you’ and it’s about one of my favorite sins; ‘adultery’ called “Hotter Than Hell”.

Mike’s Daughter: Wait?! You sneaked in “Firehouse” as well?! That’s two songs, you cheat!

STAN: (*laughs*) Yes. But what can you do about it?

Mike’s Daughter: Well we’ll…(*notices her father is missing*) Dad?!

Mike Check: (*sitting and cowering in the corner*) Fire? Please don’t set my house on fire feller, I’m afraid of fire.

Mike’s Daughter: (*to STAN*) What did you do to my dad?!

STAN: (*laughs*) Yeeeesss. Sorry about that, but I am The “Evil Troll Lord” after all.


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