Shout At The Devil by Motley Crue

STAN: (*Bursts out laughing*) Yes, yesterday’s song by (*snickers*) Carman that you played was quite a treat (*Bursts out laughing*). But who really cares about that when I have “Motley Crue” on my side. How about today I play “Shout At The Devil”?

Mike Check: So why would you write a song about fellers shouting “at” you?

STAN: Well when I possessed Motley Crue’s bass player, Nikki Sixx, to write the song, it was originally titled “Shout With The Devil”. But The guy who signed them, Tom Zutaut, was freaked out after he saw a knife and fork rise off the table and stick into the ceiling, and convinced Sixx to change the title. But, whatever.

Mike’s Daughter: So they trolled you by changing the title?

STAN: No…Just shut up and play it!

Mike’s Daughter: Okay, okay. But it’s “Shout At The Devil” not “Devil Shout at me”. I thought that you were polite?

STAN: Sorry…I mean…I’m not sorry. Play it!


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