To Hell With The Devil by Stryper

Mike Check: Mike Check: Gosh darn it feller. You pulled out an AC/DC song as your first song yesterday? That’s gonna be hard to top.

STAN: Yes. As you know and as you’ll hear this month, I have written many of music’s greatest hits and possessed the bodies of many rock stars to perform them. It’s all part of my plan for world domination you see.

Mike Daughter: Okay? So when’s this “world domination” actually going to happen then?

STAN: Look, it’s a slow process, okay.

Mike Check: Well feller. You talk like you had invented Rock N’ Roll, or Heavy Metal, or whatever the kids are calling it these days? But ole Mike remembers some classics that I played from the time I worked the Mississippi market at Christian Rock station WGOD 93. Although ole mike was fired for accidentally playing Iron Maiden

STAN (*interrupts*): Yes. Ha Ha Ha. Did you know that it was me that possessed you all those years ago to do that?

Mike Check: Must you interrupt me like RJ and Brad do over on THE Whacker? Anyway, as I was saying, the song that I was supposed to play was a hit by Christian rock band Stryper. And today I will play that correct tune which is appropriately titled; “To Hell With The Devil” here on…”6 Years Of Whackin”!

STAN: There always had to be a party pooper in the Metal world and it was Stryper.

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