Hells Bells by AC/DC

Mike Check: Well how did you like my first song choice there Sam?

Stan: It’s Stan. And I will admit that your first song choice by Tenacious D was impressive, but wait until you hear what I have in store?

Mike’s Daughter: Wait, before you start. Since my stupid dad decided to put my soul on the line without even asking you to put anything of yourself on the line, I want to set aside some conditions for this song contest.

Stan: You know that I’m not usually one to play by the rules, but very well. What is it?

Mike Check’s Daughter: We already know that you have our souls if you win, but if we win you must leave us and our show alone and grant us one wish. Oh, and to make things fair, since you already have made some song requests on The Mike Check Show, I request that you don’t repeat any of them. So you can’t play: “Number Of The Beast“, “Devil Woman“, “The Devil made Me Do it“, “Rock You To Hell“, “Black Sabbath“, or “Runnin’ With The Devil“, etc. Plus, you can’t play a song by the same artist this month more than once.

Stan: Fine. But you must really fear my ability to win because those are some of the greatest songs that I ever possessed a songwriter to write. And besides, I never requested “Runnin’ With The Devil”, that was made by David Lee Roth himself. But whatever. I have wrote hundreds of others so why don’t don’t we ring the bell and get things warmed up, pun intended, with “Hells Bells” by AC/DC!

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