Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown) by Tenacious D (EXPLICIT)

STAN: Mike, it’s day four of your 6th, or should I say My “666th” Anniversary Month, and I’m already bored of making song requests.

Mike’s Daughter: I’m hoping that you’ll say that you’re leaving but I’m guessing that you have another idea to troll us with?

STAN: I have an idea that could make things much more interesting.

Mike Check: How so?

Stan: What if we alternate our song choices each day, say 13 each, to see who plays the better songs.

Mike Check (*laughs*): I know that your all powerful and all but, soul or no soul, there is no one who can pick the tunes that play well in any market in the world than ole Mike.

Stan: Would you like to put a wager on that?

Mike Check: Sure.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! No, don’t trust him. He’s trying to troll us again.

Mike Check: (*to his Daughter*) Hush darlin’. (*to Stan*) So what do you want?

Stan: Well I can use you and your Mike Check Show to play evil songs which will fit perfectly for my plans of world domination.

Mike Check: Ole Mike’s so confident that he can beat you at this game that I’ll even put my daughter’s soul on the line?

Mike’s Check’s Daughter: WHAT?!?! No!

Mike Check: (*to his Daughter*) Hush darlin’. (*to Stan*) How about it?

Stan: Deal. I’ll even let you go first.

Mike Check: Weeelll, my first song is one that I haven’t yet played on KMCR since I don’t usually play tunes that contain cursing. So for those who maybe offended should cover their ears now because I’m gonna play a song called “Beelzeboss” by some new band called Tenacious D, here on “6 Years Of Whackin'”!

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