Liar by Rollins Band

STAN: You know what Mike. I change my mind. I won’t take your soul after all and you can your show back free of charge. Oh, and here’s a million dollars.

Mike Check: Why thank ya there fell…

STAN: Ha Ha Ha. Sucker! I lied! But seriously, I have a confession to make: Not only did I possess Premier Blah into sending you his awful Ninja Turtle Christmas CD to play, I then pulled another prank by making Mick Foley play a Ringo Starr song to piss you off. Damn, that was funny when you broke your own window this time by throwing his box of CD’s at it. Oh oh and then…oh this was so funny…I possessed you to say lewd things about Suzie Shuffle, which then lead to making Premier Blah and Raging_Demons uncharacteristically snap and threaten to cancel your show if you didn’t pay what you owed him. Also I possessed Raging_Demons during 3/16 Day to provide a distraction on social media while I convinced you to take my help and not only that, I possessed Sir Alex Heineken to troll your daughter into going all the way to England for something so disgusting that not even a filthy whore like her would accept money for, even for the large amount that would have saved your show. But with her out of the way, it gave me the opportunity in taking advantage of your gullibility, Mike, by disguising myself as Sam O’Hellyeah: The hero that would eventually save the day…and then possess it from right under your noses.

Mike’s Daughter: Dammit, you creep! Now that I think of it, I should have known that the “demon” that ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy mentioned was actually you! So what else? Did you cause Dixie Carter to hang up on us so even Panda Energy couldn’t invest?

STAN: No. I had nothing to do with that, if anything, you dodged a bullet with that one…but anyway, no matter how this game is played, by the end of the month, it’s “Check Mate” for you both and your souls will be mine! Bahahhahaha!

Mike Check: Why would you do such a darn rotten thing there feller?

STAN: Why? Because I’m STAN The Evil Troll Lord, remember. That’s what I do. And I look forward in using your show to troll the world with my evil music and spread my “alternate truths” in ways that would make Kellyanne Conway jealous of me. But speaking of that, can you play “Liar” by Henry Rollins. Please and thank ya.

Mike Check: I shouldn’t. But I have to say; you might be a ruthless liar, cheat and thief…but at least you can be polite there feller.

Mike’s Daughter: (*sigh*)

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