Thorn In Your Eye by Slam Jam

Mike Check: Weeell Fellers! It’s “6 years of Whackin’ here on The Mike Check Show and as you probably guessed if you tuned in yesterday is that we’re joined this year by an impromptu co-host. So with out any further ado here’s the “Prince of Darkness”…Sam? Is that right?

Stan: No, “Sam was just an alias. My name is “STAN”, the devil formerly as Satan. But don’t let my name change fool you, I still continue to troll social networking sites by possessing pro-wrestling personalities such as that train wreck Tammy “Sunny” Sytch or “TAM” as I call myself when I possess her. Oh, and possessing Superstar Billy Graham, like I did recently to insult the WWE creative, is always fun. Bwhahhaha!

Mike Check: Uh? Weelll that’s swell there feller. So, would you like to request some songs this month?

Mike’s Daughter: Like we have a choice dad! You apparently sold your soul to him to get the show back from Premier Blah.

Stan: Don’t worry, I’ll let you both celebrate your last little Anniversary before possess your soul Mike. But today, since WWE is holding Wrestlemania 33, I request to hear something wrestling related that I wrote in the Attitude era called “Thorn In Your Eye”.

Mike’s Daughter: You mean the “Raw Is War” theme? To this day I still don’t know what those lyrics are or even mean?

Stan: I was thinking of writing a satanic love song to my favorite WWF Diva, Sunny, called “Horn in her Thigh” but I was hungry when I possessed Michel Begeame and Olli Schneider and it became a Death Metal song about…donuts. Oh, if only social media were around in the 1990’s, just imagine what crazy thing I could have got people to write?

Mike’s Daughter: Evil Tweets about donuts?

Stan: Exactly! Bwwahhahhaha!

Mike’s Daughter: Okaaay??? I think you need a Snickers?

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