Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley

Mike Check: Weelll Fellers! Thanks to our new ally “Sam”, The Mike Check Show is back under the control of yours trully, and for our “6 Years of Whackin'” Anniversary, ole Mike…wait what’s this?!

“SAM O’Hellyeah”: Ha Ha Ha, did you think that it was gonna be that easy Mike? I helped you regain control of the Mike Check Show but what you don’t realize is that it came with a price.

Mike’s Daughter: Wait!? You never said that we owed you anything other than co-hosting this show for this month? And Besides, we don’t have much money to…

“SAM O’Hellyeah: No, I wasn’t talking about money. (*voice changes and sounds demonic*) I want your show and your souls!

Mike’s Daughter: What?!?! No? You can’t be who I think you are?!

Mike Check: Soul? I’m not sure that I understand that particular reference there feller because that song wasn’t what I classify as soul music? Are you the devil or something?

“SAM O’Hellyeah: Er…I thought you would have already guessed who I really am by now?

Mike Check: Eh, yes your “Sam” something?

SAM/STAN: (*sigh*) No you fool. It’s “STAN” The Evil Troll Lord. Remember me? I am the devil formally known as “Satan”, who trolls wrestling personalities on social networking sites.

Mike Check: ???

STAN: I called the show during “Christmas Carousal” and told you that I would return?

Mike Check: You called during Christm…??? Oh so you’re…but you don’t look like Rick Foley?

STAN: Where do you get “Foley” from?!?!?….Never-mind! Your show and souls will soon be mine! And speaking of “Rick” combined with “trolling”, you could now refer to this month as my “666 years of whackin” because “I’m “Never Gonna Give You Up”! Bwahahahaha!

Mike’s Daughter: Really? Rickrolling?!?! That meme was so 8 years ago. (*To her father*) I knew that this was a bad idea dad!

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