The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down by Joan Baez

(*phone rings*)

Mike Check: Hello, KMCR?

Dixie: Why hello there sugah. It’s lil’ ole me Dixie here and I just wanted to…

Mike’s Daughter (*interrupts*): Who is it dad?

Mike Check: It’s Daisy Carter. You know, from….? Where do I know her from again?

Mike’s Daughter: *sigh* Put her on speaker! (*to Dixie*) Dixie, what do you want?! I was hoping that Roddy Piper’s ghost would have shot you last Halloween?

Dixie: No sugah, it’s not like I’m some evil Martian sent to Earth to ruin thangs (*nervous laughter*)…uh, but anyways sugah, I just wanted to show ya’ll my support since I hear that those bad ole fellers at want to take over your show. It’s just like the time when that mean ole Billy Corgan wanted to take TNA from poor lil’ ole me. Me and my daddy Colonel Bob were running thangs just fine. Oh! Maybe I’ll ask my daddy for some money to invest in your company so we can run it together? Oh, now that would make me blush, sugah.

Mike’s Daughter: Ah, no Dixie, your management of TNA is what makes me “blush”. Wait, didn’t your dad cut you off a while ago, which is why Anthem has recently bought most of Impact Wrestling anyway? So what the hell money are you talking about?

Dixie: Uh….(*phone hangs up*)

Mike’s Daughter: I never thought that I’d quote you dad but: “Fascinating”!

Mike Check: But why did you scare her off darlin’? That pretty southern filly could have saved our show?

Mike’s Daughter: Well, you see dad…(*laughs hysterically*) Dixie saving OUR show??? (*continues to laugh hysterically*)

Mike Check: I don’t understand that particular reference there, but this must be like the song “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” by Joan Baez, here on…THE MACKER!

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