Obsolete by PeroxWhy?Gen

Mike Check: Weeeell fellers…..

(*The Broken Hardys appear out of thin air inside Mike Check’s house with their drone Vanguard One*)

“Broken” Matt Hardy: Brother Nero! What Decrepit Erection have we entered into? This is not the Zone of Impact?

Jeff “Brother Nero” Hardy: I don’t know Brother Moore? But…where are our Tag Team Championships?

“Broken” Matt Hardy (*looks in his satchel*): Gasp! It appears that the Anthem Owlmen have somehow DELETED our TNA Tag Team Championships of the World during our teleportation?! What manner of treachery is this?!

Mike’s Daughter: Ah? Guys. If I may interject. Apparently Impact wrestling have given you both the “poochie” treatment by writing you off the show and making it look like that the DECAY somehow stole your titles by…I don’t freakin’ know???

“Broken” Matt Hardy: Blasphemy! That level of preposterousity is even to much for my own broken brilliance to “describe”?

(*Matt’s “scribe” shows up out of the blue holding a notebook and pen, but then awkwardly walks away*)

Mike’s Daughter: Who was that?

“Broken” Matt Hardy: I could ask you the same question about you; woman with large mammary glands?

Mike’s Daughter: I’m the daughter of famous radio DJ; Mike Check.

“Broken” Matt Hardy: That’s absolutely Wonderful! I understand that Vanguard One is a tremendous fan of the man they call, Meek Check, the greatest Correspondent of TNA to ever serve the Audio Progrem of Wrestling Fecal Matter!

Jeff Hardy: But Brother Moore, why has Vanguard One teleported us to Meek Check’s abode? (*looks around*) There is definitely no gold to be found here?

Mike Check: Weeell there fellers. I think I remember your robot being here before many…many…many…many (*the Hardys do their swinging arm gesture as Mike repeats the word “many”) months ago when…did I ever tell you fellers about the time when your robot and your gardener saved us from…(*to his daughter*) who did he save us from there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Dad! Don’t you even remember last Halloween when Zombie Nathaniel was sent to our show to to annoy us and almost eating our brains?!.

“Broken” Matt Hardy: Aaahhh yeeeesss, offspring of Meek Check. It was in October 2016 A.D. when I sent Vanguard One and Senor Benjamin to DELETE the vile Brother Edward Rodham for regurgitating mustard upon my hologram. I strongly dislike mustard!….(*loud gasp*) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Brother Nero! I just had a Premon-EETION! (*to Mike Check*) Meek Check, the seven deities have foretold Vanguard One to send us to this location to heed you with a warning. I see in your near future that a treacherous “demon” will soon deceive you into doing a deal with him. Please do not let this “demon” PROCURE your Meek Check Show because he will render your show OBSOLETE! Now if you’ll excuse us, we must resume our training with Smokin’ Joe so we may finally DELETE The Bucks Of Youth in The Honorable Ring!


(*The Broken Hardys disappear with Vanguard One*)

Mike’s Daughter: Dad? A deal with a “demon? He must mean Raging_Demons from Wrestlecrapradio.com?! I knew that he’s up to something? Of course. Who else could he mean?

Mike Check: I don’t know there darlin’? But let’s just hope that The Mike Check Show will not soon become “obsolete” here on THE MACKER!

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