Canzonetta Sull’aria by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mike’s Daughter: That’s it! All we’ve been hearing the last week are songs with themes that involve either; lying, cheating, stealing or mooching! Don’t you see that the guys from are obviously trolling us?! I’ve had enough of being treated like a criminal! I’m going to put a stop on their playlist right now and I’m playing what I want whether they like it or not! (*finds a song*) Okay, this will do….

Mike’s Daughter: What?! This is not what I….??? Okay who changed the music file to the Opera song from The Shawshank Redemption?

Mike Check: I didn’t know that Mozart played well in your market there darlin?

Mike’s Daughter: Very funny! Damn cross-promotion! That’s it! I’m setting up a firewall to block their network from controlling our playlist.

Mike Check: You’re gonna set fire to those fellers’ wall? Well that’s going a bit too far there darlin’? That might just land you in the slammer.

Mike’s Daughter: No. That’s not what I mea…never-mind.

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