Runaround Sue by Dion

Mike Check: For my final song on “Love On The Ropes Month” here’s the last song that I will dedicate to Suzie Shuffle. She still hasn’t called KMCR yet so I don’t know if she has forgiven me. Oh well. Ole Mike will just have to accept the fact that… (*voice changes to a deeper tone all of a sudden*) I WANT TO WHIP OUT MY LIGHTNING ROD AND SPRINKLE MY YELLOW RAIN ALL OVER THAT “RUNAROUND SUZIE’S” FACE, NECK AND CHEST! …OH, AND WORSHIP THE DEVIL!

Mike’s Daughter: What?! Why did you do that dad?!

Mike Check (*voice is back to normal*): I don’t know darlin’? What just happened to me?

(*phone rings*)

Mike Check: Hello. KMCR?

Suzie Shuffle: Mike! I’ve been trying to ignore your stupid love songs all week, but now you’re playing “Run Around Sue”?! Are saying that I’m some sort of whore? This is all time low Mike! Even lower than the low pressure system sweeping through New York Tomorrow. So as far as I’m concerned, I forecast that you can take your lightning rod and go screw yourself!

Mike Check: But…I didn’t…I don’t know…?

(*Suzie hangs up the phone*)

Mike Check: But? It wasn’t me? I think I was possessed or something?

Mike’s Daughter: What are you talking about?! Oh no! If Premier Blah finds out about this we’re both fu….

(*phone rings*)

Mike Check: Hello. KMCR?

Raging_Demons: What the hell was that Mike!?! You were already on thin ice and you just had to reopen ole wounds from last year! You have been a pain on my side since Day One and I have had it with you! I’ve talked to Premier Blah and screw that Ninja Turtles CD! Starting tomorrow, we will be make the arrangements to take over The Mike Check Show permanently! Goodbye. (*slams down phone*)

Mike Check: But…


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  1. Raging Demons: Please don’t close down The Mike Check Show until I review what happened. I’ll send Mike out to apologize later on.

    And Mike: What the hell were you thinking by saying that?!?! On behalf of, I send my apologies to Suzie Shuffle.

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