If You Knew Susie by Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly

Mike’s Daughter: Why are you staring at the phone dad?

Mike Check: I’ve been playing all these songs dedicated to that pretty filly Suzie Shuffle and weelll perhaps today will be the day that she will finally call the show to accept my apology.

Mike’s Daughter: Uh? So why don’t you just call her? Or, never mind just…

(*phone rings*)

Mike Check: See I told you. (*picks up phone*) KMCR? Hello there Suzie?

gay-popeyeGay Popeye: Aw gyuk gyuk gyuk! Well blow me……………….

Mike Check: No! No! No! Not you; Happy Hawkeye!

Gay Popeye: ….DOWN! Ah gyuk gyuk gyuk! Yez Mike. It’z Gay Popeye herez and I don’t know whyz yer haven’t accepted my phone callz for the last six monthz?. But never mindz that now, becauze I just wantz to tell yez to forget about that Weather Girl andz her “cold front” and beez with a man who’z temperature is hotz for yer Mike.

Mike Check: My answer is still NO and…

Gay Popeye: Waitz Mike, don’tz yer hang up! I hearz that yer gonna play a song from the film “Anchorz Aweigh”, starringz those BIG…AND BURLY Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, where they werez dressed as sailorz….

Mike Check: What’s your point there feller?

Gay Popeye: My “point”, oh yez Mike say it slow. Uh anyway, my pointz is; would yer like to droppz yer “Anchor” in my…

Mike Check: No! Goodbye feller!

Gay Popeye: But. But. But.

(*Mike hangs up phone*)

Mike’s Daughter (*mockingly*): Awww. If things don’t work out with Suzie, it looks like there’s someone out there that does want you dad.

Mike Check: Fascinating but not fascinating enough. Ole Mike is all about the fillies, let me tell you. And “If You Knew Suzie, like I know Suzie”, she will surely call ole Mike after I play this next tune on “Love On The Ropes” Month, here on…THE MACKER!

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