X Gon’ Give It To You by DMX

Mike’s Daughter: I bet we lost a lot of people from yesterday’s song and I don’t blame them. Its time to fight back against those wrestlecrapradio.com dweebs. I’ll play a song from my own collection. *grabs a CD* Here Dad play this.

Mike Check: What is it?

Mike’s Daughter: Play “X Gon Give It To You” by DMX. I’m betting those dweebs haven’t included it in that precious “list” they sent you.

Mike Check: Ok I will. I hope I don’t get in trouble for this.

Mike Check: Darlin’ I just checked that list and its not on the list of songs I was forced to play and instead its on the list of songs that Raging_Demons wants to play usually on his birthweek of music and today starts the first day of those songs.

Mike’s Daughter: Damn it!


Mike Check: What’s this? Got an E-mail doohickey from Raggy David, It says “This request goes out to the opening of the latest movie “XxX: The Return of Xander Cage” which is out everywhere today at your local movie theaters”. Fascinating.


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