What Do You Mean? by Justin Bieber

Mike’s Daughter: NO!

Mike Check: I’m afraid so Darlin’.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad he’s a complete douchebag! They even made a theme song about him!

Mike Check: I know, I know. I was forced to play Beatles songs in various market because they had that hack of a drummer Ringo Starr in them but I still played those songs for a paycheck.

Mike’s Daughter: Dad you don’t have to play him and besides. KMCR makes little to no money in the first place!

Mike Check: What Do You Mean?

Mike’s Daughter: Just play the damn song Dad!

Mike Check: Here it is on “The Macker”

*phone rings*

Mike Check: KMCR Radio?

Stan The Evil Troll Lord: I had to possess Raging_Demons to make you play it but damn that was so funny. BWA HAH HAH HAH HAH! *phone click*

Mike Check: Must had been a wrong number.

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