Torches by Daughtry

Mike’s Daughter: Daughtry Dad! REALLY!?! DAUGHTRY!?!

Mike Check: Now Darlin’ don’t get mad at me. I was told to play them.

Mike’s Daughter: They are just as bad as Nickelback!

Mike Check: Not my fault here. Just playing the songs on the list that I was received. Here’s “Torches” by Daughtry here on…The Macker!

Mike’s Daughter: Look Dad. I get it that you have to play some of these songs because of those dweebs over at but this is downright inhuman for you to do this.

Mike Check: Actually Darlin’ I have to warn you right now. I talked to the guy that lives next door to us after I caught him “bird watching”, he said he saw some special bird right close to your window where you usually undress in the mornings.

Mike’s Daughter: OK EW!

Mike Check: I told him about tomorrow’s song that I have to play and this feller is real bad. Maybe worse than that Nickelback band you told me about.

Mike’s Daughter: What’s even worse than NICKELBACK!?!

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