Sleeping Bag by ZZ Top

(*phone rings*)

Mike’s Daughter: God. It’s probably Raging_Demons again. Just let the machine get it.

Premier Blah: (*Answering machine beeps*) Hello Mike, this is and Trolla Corporation owner, Premier Blah. I had sent the co-fruitcakes RD and Blade both a timely ZZ Top album, “Eliminator”, for Christmas. Since RD played both “Sleeping Bag” and “Velcro Fly”, I am now self persuaded to buy a copy for myself…or perhaps I could get you Mike to be competent enough to find a song from this CD since I hear that you can’t find the other one that I sent you, apparently? Anyway, speaking of “Sleeping Bags”, I guess it’s time for you to introduce the song on…The Macker. Please and thank ya. (*beep*)

Mike Check: Weelll, I’m not sure that I understand that there “Sleeping Bag” reference when referencing to ole Mike’s intro…(*phone rings*)…Uh? Should I let the machine get this one there darlin’?

Mike’s Daughter: Yes.

Angry Jim: (*beep*) Shut the (*beep*) up Mike and play ZZ Top now or go (*beep*) yourself! (*beep*)

Mike Check: Weelll, John. Since ZZ Top seems to be popular with this particular market today, l…

Mike’s Daughter: God! Just play it!


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