Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy

*phone rings*

Mike Check: KMCR Radio?

Raging_Demons: Well?

Mike Check: Well what there partner?

Raging_Demons (sighs on the phone): You said you were going to tell your daughter about trying to locate that CD? And did you tell her?

Mike Check: Well she’s sleeping there after a night of work. It takes her a long time to wake up so I’ll talk to her about it.

Raging_Demons: This is becoming quite more painful than I thought it was to get this new format set up. I’ll send you via e-mail most of the songs that we want you to play but before I go play “Thanks For The Memories” by Fall Out Boy but they spelled it differently. They spelled it T-H-N-K-S, space, F-R, space, T-H, space, Two M’s-R-and S.

Mike Check: Them fellers probably weren’t good students in school if they don’t know how to spell. I remember when I was working in the Cambridge, Massachusetts market. Now it was one of those times where ole Mike Check did not have a radio partner and I did not use my given name of Mike Check–

*phone clicks*

Mike Check: Must have been a bad connection there. Oh well here’s that song by that band–whatever they are–here on…THE MACKER!


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